Allentown-Based Cetronia Ambulance Deploys Next Generation Wireless Communications Network


Vehicle Area Network from In Motion Technology Improves Emergency Responses, Communications and Patient Care in the Lehigh Valley

Allentown, Pennsylvania, January 15, 2008 – In Motion Technology, a leader in wireless networks for public safety organizations, today announced that Cetronia Ambulance, Inc. headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has deployed In Motion’s onBoard™ Mobile Gateway to improve medical emergency operations, communications and response times for its medical transportation services for the residents of the Lehigh Valley.

The onBoard Mobile Gateway will enable communications between Cetronia’s medical devices such as ECGs, driver monitoring and safety equipment, and dispatch systems. And it will allow the seamless transmission of information between these systems and Cetronia’s operations command and area hospitals while emergency vehicles are at incident scenes and in transit.

“Since deploying the Gateway, we have seen a steady improvement in response times,” said Larry Wiersch, Executive Director of Cetronia Ambulance. “By integrating the Gateway with our dispatch and other applications, we now have the ability to recognize when a unit misses a turn, so we can immediately redirect the unit. We can also track road conditions throughout the day and strategically pre-position units for the best possible response. The Gateway is now an essential part of our fleet management.”

Since 1955, Cetronia Ambulance has been serving the residents of eastern Pennsylvania with a full range of medical transport support services, including 911 operations, advanced and basic life support, and wheelchair and ambulette services. Cetronia also provides a variety of safety and health education services to the Allentown community. Its mission is “to be the leader in emergency medical services, transportation and community health resources.”

The onBoard Mobile Gateway is deployed in more than 90 communities nationwide, and provides emergency vehicles with mobile, secure, wireless local area networks, called “vehicle area networks.” The Gateway senses and selects the best available wireless network, enabling first responders to access and disseminate critical information from the field.

“First responder organizations like Cetronia Ambulance are experiencing improved response times and operations by deploying this technology,” said In Motion Technology CEO Kirk Moir. “Their choice of In Motion Technology for vehicle communications will improve emergency communications, operations and life-saving patient care.”

“We needed a technology that would improve our communications today and enable us to transition to the high performance communications networks of the future,” said Wiersch. “The Gateway allows our Paramedics and EMT’s to focus on saving lives rather than operating their communications devices, resulting in improved emergency responses and more effective patient care.”


About Cetronia Ambulance Corps
Since 1955, Cetronia Ambulance Corps has been a leader in providing emergency medical services to the residents of the Lehigh Valley. Today, Cetronia provides advanced and basic life support ambulance, ambulette and wheelchair transportation services and a breadth of youth and community education services. The professionals who provide these services are highly skilled, certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and dedicated to their community and the finest patient care.

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