Hilton Head Island Rescue Chooses In Motion Technology for Future Proof Mobile Communications


Mobile Hotspot Technology 4G Ready

Hilton Head Island, SC and Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 17, 2010 – In Motion Technology, the leader in mobile networking technologies that efficiently connect and manage equipment, information and people in the field, today announced that Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue has deployed the company’s onBoard Mobile Gateway to provide reliable, secure and upgradable mobile communications across the department’s fleet of fire, EMS and command vehicles.

“We’re committed to using the latest technologies to provide the fastest, coordinated responses and best service to the community,” said Stephen Ralston, Public Safety Systems Administrator at Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue, which responds to more than 6,000 calls each year. “The Gateway provides us the flexibility to use the best available wireless network today and easily and cost effectively adapt to the new networks being introduced now.”

The Gateway turns emergency vehicles into mobile wireless hotspots, allowing wired and wireless devices to connect seamlessly over any wireless network connection. It can be equipped with multiple wireless cards, allowing emergency communications to be transmitted over the best available – and most cost effective – wireless network. Network cards can be easily added or replaced to allow organizations to adapt to 4G network technologies. When vehicles are in and around the station, the Gateway can send and receive information over a secure, high speed Wi-Fi connection.

“Over the years, I have seen four or five network technologies come and go,” said Ralston. “The Gateway lets us upgrade our communications platform without purchasing new data cards for every device. And because we can consolidate traffic for many devices over a single network connection, our savings in airtime costs is significant.”

Today, Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue uses the Gateway to communicate vehicle location to achieve the fastest, most effective responses. and send patient care information. In the future, the department will use the Gateway to arm firefighters en route to a scene with information about hydrant locations, pre-fire building plans and hazardous materials. EMS personnel will be able to send ECG and other critical patient information to the ER, improving care and outcomes. And operations commanders will be able to view live video from the scene to coordinate responses and monitor the safety of personnel.

“Keeping up with the latest network platforms can be costly and challenging,” said Tony Morris, In Motion Technology’s VP Sales and Marketing. “We are pleased to be able to help Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue Department – and mission critical organizations across North America — improve responses, save money and adapt to an ever-changing communications landscape.“


About Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue
Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue is a traditional organization with a non-traditional approach to providing fire protection and emergency medical services. As the largest barrier Island off the Atlantic coast between Long Island and the Bahamas, Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue protects 54 square miles or 34,500 acres of semi-tropical low country geography and 23 miles of broad Atlantic Beach. Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue has 7 fire stations served by an Enhanced-911 communications dispatch center. To learn more about Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue, please visit: Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue.

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