Maryland’s Queen Anne’s County Deploys In Motion Technology to Connect and Manage Sheriff and EMS Fleets


Vancouver, BC – February 3, 2009 – In Motion Technology, the leader in mobile networking technologies that efficiently connect and manage equipment, information and people in the field, today announced that Queen Anne’s County, MD Department of Emergency Services and Office of the Sheriff have selected In Motion Technology’s solution for their fleets of EMS and Sheriff’s vehicles.

In Motion Technology’s end-to-end solution provides seamless, reliable communications, and real-time information from the field. The onBoard Mobile Gateway turns emergency vehicles into mobile wireless hotspots, enabling all on-board devices — including laptops, video cameras, ECGs and other devices — to connect seamlessly. The onBoard Mobility Manager gathers and analyzes information from Gateway-equipped vehicles to enable headquarters staff to track vehicles, monitor engine diagnostics, and troubleshoot on-board data systems, all on a single, web-based virtual dashboard.

“This solution gives emergency organizations the information they need to manage operations to peak efficiency,” said Kirk Moir, CEO of In Motion Technology. “It also frees emergency personnel at the scene to focus on protecting and saving lives.” Queen Anne’s County, MD Department of Emergency Service provides first responder services to more than 48,000 residents across 510 square miles along Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The Department of Emergency Services and Office of the Sheriff plan to install onBoard Mobile Gateways throughout their fleets of ambulances and patrol cars.

“Prior to In Motion Technology, our units in the field struggled to stay connected,” said Brad Smith, Data Manager for the Department of Emergency Services. “In Motion Technology has improved our communications, provided us new tools to manage our operations, and is allowing us to deploy the latest technologies to reduce costs, enhance productivity and improve the service we provide to the community.”

For the Office of the Sheriff, the onBoard Mobile Gateway will allow video cameras to be used in and around vehicles to document evidence. Deputies will be free to file reports and send emails without being tethered to the patrol car. And, in the future, the Office of the Sheriff plans to use the Gateway to deploy electronic ticketing and other technologies to improve officer safety and productivity.

“Our Sheriff’s deputies are already seeing significant improvements in communications in the field,” said Cpl Sean Hampton of the Office of the Sheriff. “But we are only scratching the surface of how this technology will enable us to deploy the latest law enforcement tools to improve operations and enhance our ability to protect the public.”

For the county’s emergency medical services, live video is being streamed to operations command from ambulances outfitted with web-cams, improving incident scene coordination. In the future, the Gateway will allow lifesaving information from ECGs and other devices to be sent from ambulances to emergency rooms before the patient arrives, saving critical minutes before care is administered and improving patient outcomes.

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